Yoga Therapy

Connect to your mind, body, and spirit through gentle yet powerful healing with yoga therapy.


Yoga therapy is a holistic practice that complements Western medicine, as well as modalities such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and physiotherapy. It cohesively works with what you’re already doing and takes it a step further by treating you as a whole rather than focusing on individual parts.


We do breath work, simple movement, meditation, and provide education and enhanced awareness to bring you deeper into all aspects of your mind, body, and spirit. Yoga practices such as conscious, mindful breathing, gentle movement, and relaxation have been shown to interrupt the cycle of chronic pain. Yoga therapy can lead to better sleep, less anxiety, and better digestion, to name just a few of the many benefits.


Yoga therapy sessions work on many levels and utilize the five dimensions of the koshas from the yoga tradition. You’ll experience yoga for:


  • Physical balance—focus on the importance of sustaining joint stability, good posture, increased mobility, and balance

  • Energetic balance—bring your “energetic bank account” back into balance

  • Mental balance—create new neurological pathways to sharpen memory and keep you active through a combination of asana, breath work, and hand mudras and mantras

  • Emotional balance—replenish what makes your heart sing; decrease stress and anxiety and bring in a state of calm connectedness through a powerful combination of breath work, gentle movement, restorative poses, and Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep)

  • Spiritual balance—nourish your spiritual heart and stay connected to what sustains you



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Breathing Space offers private therapy sessions, as well as regular drop-in group yoga classes in the town of Creston, BC. We provide the perfect space to find your center and begin your road to healing in the heart of the Kootenays.


Barb’s private yoga therapy sessions are highly-personalized and she focuses on your specific conditions and needs. After an initial session and assessment, you’ll receive a tailored program unique to you that incorporates breath awareness, simple movement, meditation, relaxation, and education.


Come bring your mind, body, and spirit into alignment and balance.


Yoga Therapy Investment:


 Private Therapy Sessions Available:

  • Initial Intake - $80 (includes an assessment and written practice customized for you and your body

  • Follow-Up Sessions - Book 3 additional sessions for $150

  • Individual Sessions - $75 each

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Group Yoga Classes

All classes include the six basic movements of balanced yoga class, including forward folds, back bends, side bends, inversions, balance, twists, and rest (savasana). Each class is based on therapeutic principles of moving purely and moving out of pain.


A hot cup of delicious and relaxing tea is served after each class, on us!

Group classes are held at The Yoga Room located at 1204 Northwest Blvd in Creston, BC. Please go to to book a spot or to learn more about classes, upcoming events and courses.



Barbara Minichiello
Registered Yoga Instructor
Certified Yoga Therapist 

Barb's years of experience as a yoga instructor and therapist have made her passionate about helping her clients and students to move again with confidence. Using traditional yoga movements, the power of breath, kindness and humour, she will guide you on your journey towards healing.

Barb is the owner and director of Creston's 'The Yoga Room,' which opened its doors in 2017, providing a variety of classes and courses - led by skilled and dedicated teachers - for all levels of yoga practice.

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Barb's Qualifications:


  • South Okanagan Yoga Academy - ERYT200 and ERYT500 Certificates (2012)

  • Level 1 Relax and Renew (2012)

  • Yoga as Therapy - 500 hr Professional Teacher Development Certificate, Trinity Yoga, Kelowna , British Columbia (2014)

  • Level 1 YogAlign (2014)

  • Certified Yoga Therapist - Essential Yoga Therapy School, Seattle, WA (2017)

  • Member of the International Yoga Therapy Assocation




"I am so grateful to have Barb's expertise in teaching me about pain management. I have gained much knowledge and am feeling much more relaxed and confident and will continue training with Barb. She lights up my life!" -MK


"Barb provides a fun, relaxing and encouraging environment to her classes, bringing both her knowledge and contagious spirit to her teaching. You will leave strong, calm and ready to face the chaos of the every day!" -ASM



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Why Choose Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy offers powerful, yet gentle therapeutic healing for all kinds of conditions and ailments. It is medically and scientifically researched and supported to treat chronic back pain, neck pain, autoimmune disorders like chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis, and so much more.


This type of therapy works holistically with your body, mind, and spirit. Practices can address your heart and cardiovascular system, lungs, nervous system, digestive system, stress levels, and immune function. And yoga therapy is complementary to any of your existing treatments and customized to your personal needs and abilities.


Barb will work with you one-on-one and also provide detailed guidance for a practice to take home with you. She will respect your safety, limitations, and comfort levels. Strong yet gentle, yoga therapy works incrementally; it starts off slow and builds up one step at a time.


Breathing Space is a place to compassionately and whole-heartedly explore how yoga therapy helps increase your vitality and strength and flexibility and inner peace. And Barb offers you connection, care, and education to help support your healing process.


Contact Breathing Space today to have your questions answered and find out how you can get started.