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"I am so grateful to have Barb's expertise in teaching me about pain management. I have gained much knowledge and am feeling much more relaxed and confident and will continue training with Barb. She lights up my life!" 

Val B.

"Barb provides a fun, relaxing and encouraging environment to her classes, bringing both her knowledge and contagious spirit to her teaching. You will leave strong, calm and ready to face the chaos of the every day!"

Jean M.

"I struggled with a myriad of pelvic floor issues. In Barb's classes I found unlimited encouragement, a caring approach and instructions to address my particular needs. My pain was greatly reduced. I felt energized and strengthened after each class. I found that my balance and posture improved weekly and my pelvic floor issues decreased to almost nil. I have an overall improvement in physical strength, movement and balance. My emotional health has improved too!"

Marcie H.

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